Why Us?

Scene Assurance

Xhanger, It has been serving in the csgo cheating scene since August 13, 2019. Since then, we have worked with 10 experienced names, Xhanger has been brought to its current state by experienced staff.


Xhanger, Thanks to the stabilization of the Legitbot feature, it has been awarded the title of Best Legit Cheat in the World. We recommend that you buy our 1-day package and test our legit feature.

Account Guarantee

Xhanger offers you an account guarantee. We offer you an account guarantee by trusting that we have not been banned since our time in the scene.

What Are People Saying About Us?

How about buying the best software in the world at the cheapest prices. It hasn't fed anyone VAC Ban since 2019. How about buying it now at your place?
Ali Cuts
Don't you want to use xhanger that hasn't taken ban once in 3 years and dominate everyone, come on, buy it and dominate CS:GO.
I have been using it for about 1 month, I have not taken vac ban in any way. You can take advantage of discount coupons and buy them cheaply, like me. Thanks Xhanger.
Thanks to the personalized build protection, special codes are defined for me every time I try to play. I'm moving my accounts to global without getting a VAC ban.
Thanks to the 'Inventory Changer' feature, I can add all the skins to my inventory. Thanks to the fact that this feature works with images, I can very easily choose the skin I want. Xhanger for us ;)
The fact that other game models such as Valorant are integrated into CSGO really increases my gaming pleasure a lot. You can get extra pleasure from the game by trying these features.