Solve your problems about Xhanger here!
An Xhanger account is designed to work only on one computer.You will receive this error if you do not log in from the computer where you first logged in. You can buy 'HWID Reset Right' from your profile for $1.
Although this problem is rare, it can happen to any user. When this happens to you, all you need to do is send an email with a receipt proof that you have made the payment and your account information send it to the address.
If this happens, contact us with your video recording explaining the problem please send an email to the address.
If you have more than 1 xhanger account licensed to your computer, you will encounter this problem. To resolve this situation, please send an email to the address that you are experiencing this problem and that contains your account information.
In order for the codes to work correctly in the software, you need to click 'Okey' on all the warnings you encounter. Even if you do so, you are getting this error please contact his address by e-mail.
In this case, write a text explaining your problem and please send an e-mail to the address. We promise that your problem will be fixed within 24 Hours.